Omg! Two-week-old Marriage About to Collapse Over S*x Position

man crying
A marriage could be over just two weeks after the couple married just because of s*x position. The man is threatening fire and brimstone for the wife’s refusal to perform his required s*x positions during their honeymoon.

According to AdomOnline , Emmanuel Owusu, and his thirty-five year old wife, Hannah Owusu has not been in the best of relationship since they returned from the honeymoon. The man revealed that he has been s*xually starved since the wife informed him that she is pregnant.

The wife is accusing the man of neglecting his responsibilities while the husband has accused the wife of refusing to perform his preferred s*x positions during their honeymoon.

Hannah alleges her husband got angry when she told him she had conceived, as the man suggested the marriage was too young for babies.

What shocked Hannah, she said was “when myhusband told me my mother performs better in bed than me”.
Though the two live under the same roof, they hardly talk to each other.

Emmanuel has refused to provide money for the woman’s upkeep, after accusing her of failure to perform her marital duties, including cooking and cleaning of their home. After calls for his family to intervene in the matter, Hannah decided to break his silence on Nhyira FM’s OBRA magazine show.



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