6 Signs Your Relationship Will Soon Be Over


When one or both of you seems to be unhappy and you can’t figure out why, when your relationship seem to make you  frustrated, angry and depressed, and probably things aren’t as good as they used to be, and you are helpless because you know you cannot do anything to save your relationship, because all effort in the past proved to be abortive, then you need to move on. It is going to be a hard thing to do but you just have to try…

Here are some signs that you just have to move on..

1.When there is more silence than communication: when nothing is connecting  you both anymore and you seem to avoid each other, you guys don’t talk anymore and when you do, you say hurtful words to each other and end up hurting each other, and the worse thing is that you don’t care if you are hurting your partner, please quickly end such unhealthy relationship.

2. When you guys no longer laugh: when things you once found endearing and hilarious now irritate and bore you, or you being around your partner makes you feel worse if after you’ve had a bad day, then you should get out. If what used to be a haven for you, even during mid-crisis, is now becoming something hard and draining and you feel better when you are away from it, it is a clear sign you should quit, before it damages you both. This is totally fixable, however, if you feel you don’t have the strength to and it sounds like a much of an effort, end the relationship.

3. When you both refuses to add effort to make it work: when you feel it has gotten to the point where the both of you has lost the zeal to make the relationship work and you are not even trying, it is a sign you should end things already. Whenever you see him, you go cold, you make excuses for not wanting to see him and you are not willing to put in effort to make peace, put an end to the relationship.

4. When there is a sabotage: some people intentionally try to destroy a relationship by annoying or hurting or breaching the other person’s trust in the hopes that their partners will end it so they don’t have to. Worse, they disdain their partners when they refuse to end the relationship. If you or your partner is involved in this kind of act, please just end it. If you find that you are disrespecting yourself by getting involved in this petty act, for your sake and for the sake of your partner, please end the relationship

5. When there is no more affection: every relationship is bonded together by the assurances that you love each other and you have a bond which could be secret love notes, verbal affection, physical affection or a combination of everything. If all that stops and you both are still living together, and you both are not doing things to make each other happy, then the relationship has become an empty shell. You should both meet and talk it out, but if there is no way forward, then it is time to quit the relationship.

6. When you’ve had thoughts about quitting: if you probably use the phrase “If I was single I would…”, or you wonder if you should quit, or you know you should quit it but you don’t know how to. If you constantly see yourself struggling to stay but you cannot give yourself reasons to, it is clear that your mind knows it is over already, even if the rest of you is taking time to come to terms with that fact.




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