4 Reasons You Should Have Loud S,x with your Partner

Unveiled - 4 Unknown Reasons to Have Loud Sex

1. Enhances pleasure

A study published in the Archives of S*xual Behavior by researchers from the University of Leeds found a direct positive correlation between expressing enjoyment to enhanced pleasure. In other words, making noises of pleasure actually increases pleasure.

2. Boost self esteem

In the same study, it was found that 92 per cent of participants felt that vocalisations boosted their partner’s self-esteem. Making noises that show you are feeling good will help make your partner more confident in what he/she is doing.

3. S*xual communication

Couples who are able to communicate around s*x are healthier and happier and loud sex can be part of that communication. Copulatory vocalization – making noise during s*x – is an essential way of communicating with your partner, letting them know what feels good, what doesn’t.

4. Can be a turn on

Women tend to be more ‘vocal’ during s*x than men. While it’s true that women do really get turned on by the noises that their partners make, another study found that men make 94 per cent less noise than women. Sounds turn your partner on so, no matter your gender, show them they are doing something right.


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