5 Reasons Nigerians Should Trust Buhari To Be The Person To Bring Smile To Their Faces


5 Reasons Nigerians Should Trust Buhari To Be The Person To Bring Smile To Their Faces

– President Muhammadu Buhari has fast- tracked the security of lives and properties in the North-East region of the country after years of Boko Haram terrorists attacks

– The good people of Nigeria should know the nation’s number one citizen is not playing ducks and drakes with the future of Nigerians nor is he trying to lead the youths to the garden path with his style of leadership

– A good number of political analysts believe President Buhari has the heart of a lion regarding his passion to seeing Nigeria and Nigerians fare better in all facets of human endeavours

– The two major problems of tribalism and prejudicial judgement often enshroud the objectivity of some Nigerians It should not come as a surprise to anybody, when Dr Victor Oye, chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), praised President Buhari on the bilateral agreement the country reached with China.

This clearly indicates an opposition party chieftain knows the president is worth the onions. Currently, there is fuel shortage due to some stated reasons by the government. However, the federal government which took a strong decision to finally removed the so-called fuel subsidy on Wednesday, May 11, whereby government will now start to sell pure motor spirit (PMS), popularly called petrol at N145 per litre, which could bring a lasting solution to Nigeria’s decade of oil palava.

According to a one-time governor of Anambra state and current minister of labour and employment, Dr Chris Ngige, he said Nigerians should be grateful to God for the coming of Buhari as president. He indeed spoke the minds of millions of Nigerians, who are ready to sink or swim with the number one citizen of world’s most populous black nation.

The reasons listed below is what people should ruminate over regarding trusting Buhari to deliver at least 70% dividends of democracy to the good people of Nigeria despite taking over a comatose nation.

1. President Buhari’s maturity and unyielding stance on his anti-corruption war is highly commendable as he demonstrated this when the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron threw caution into the wind by saying Nigeria is fantastically corrupt.

2. The president’s unblemished love for all sections of the country as epitomised with his road map and projects to be executed round the country.

3. Buhari is trying as much as possible to avoid the major mistakes his predecessors committed.

4. He is handling governance with no kids’ gloves and taking everything not as business as usual.

5. Buhari has never interfered in issues that are strictly legislative in nature. That is, he has not covertly or overtly influenced laws made by either arms of the National Assembly to suit his whims and caprices.



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