LYRICS: Mi Abaga – Notjustok/Savage (The Lyrics)


Mi Abaga – Notjustok /Savage Lyrics


Ama say this one time and one time only After that we’ll let it be what it is You ain’t a hip hop writer A hip hop dj, hip hop producer I don’t respect your opinion about my craft You make a rap list, please do me a favour Leave me off of it

Mr NotJustOk oh It must not be okay oh Eni what you smoking oh Cause you must be joking oh

[Verse 1]
NotJustOk oh, wassup wassup I saw the list you n!ggas made Like what the fuck You took a n!gga couple years to muster up The composure to address it is cluster f*ck A n!gga gotta flip modes like busta bust Am on my twenty ten shit enough is enough You standing in on the volcano to muster up Yall n!ggas gon listen boy don’t interrupt Short memories you n!ggas need extra gigs Silly n!ggas gon learn to respect the king Do I have to die before they say I’m the best to live Switch to god mode and bring yall pestilence If you didn’t help make it N!gga don’t rate it Sheep controversy tryna boost your ratings This how bitches act shout out to …. Aisha’s in the villa no more patience O.v.O you know your my n!gga Damola you know your my n!gga

Mr NotJustOk oh It must not be okay oh Eni what you smoking oh Cause you must be joking oh

[Verse 2]
At the hip hop vertican sitting right next to hove Only rappers they allow are the best in the globe King shit can you see I’m specially globe Just watch the crown n!gga Respect the robes Will there be any body greater is yet to be known Scientists are saying mehn he’s yet to be cloned In the mean time I’m on ma own aggressively road Calculating but I’m calm arresting me prone Not every rapper born will get to be grown Not every royal family member will get to the throne There’s nobody on my level just let be known You wanna talk comparisons just let it be Mode Or better be Eldee Ma n!gga you tell me To take a picture with my class I’m taking a selfie Put on for the game together so healthy Now yall can get a check that’s word to Chelsea To the headies wassup wassup You my fam tho I wish you the best of luck You’ve been a blessing to the game to lots of us But that lyricist award mehn we got to talk Not saying I deserve the plan Cause I f*ck with everyone who emerged in that The criteria of the win it doesn’t favour the men Spitting new raw shit that’s word and facts Speaking from the heart ma pace maker Ain’t scared to ruffle feathers if it ain’t … Game one more time let’s just do it End of the day mehn it’s just music (Greg Hardy interview)

[Interlude – Rihanna]
But baby, don’t get it twisted You was just another n!gga on the hit list Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage I was a savage I was a savage What the f*ck you complaining for What the f*ck you complaining for Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage I was a savage I was a savage The f*ck you complaining for Used to trip off that shit I was kickin’ to ya You needed me Oooh, you needed me Oooh, you
[Verse 3]
We open for business you want it come get it Just no more talking no more credit Stand by that shit if you said it Don’t edit that shit or forget it you meant it Don’t add it my shit be like Spanish to yall I’m Hispanic Cause f*ck boys cannot understand it Ama pain in the head am a headache When we ready to go when you ready just let us know Your respect is a must if your threatening us Just be ready to burst (we ready) And squad is immaculate trust We gon go back to high in ….. Don’t be deceived with the crackling voice Yall just some regular boys Coming at me it may seem like the popular choice My advice is to stop and avoid Speak up if you step to the boys It’s easy to tweeting the threatening voice I ain’t with that tweet and deleting shit N!gga bars are my weapon of choice Choc boy nation over here getting out coins Where your bars at n!gga? Is there nothing left in your loins. You needed me




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