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11 S3xually Charged Songs You Should Play While Having S3x


11 S3xually Charged Songs You Should Play While Having S3x
Okay. Sex is one wholesome and wonderful experience given the fun and excitement you and your partner are bound to have when making out. You might have thought of how weird a concept all the activities that build up to sex really are given the fact that some of those things are actually gross to say the least. But in truth, those activities that build up to sex are some which we love doing because it sets up the mood for the explosive session.

However, one line that most people may not have thought much off is having a sex playlist to set both them and their partners in the mood. If you’ve never thought of having a sexually charged playlist or you have one which doesn’t really give you the kind of sexual vibe you want, look no further as we bring you 11 of the most sexually charged Nigerian and foreign songs to get you and your partner right into the sex mood.

Pony by Ginuwine
This song is an old one but it sure still has all it takes to set the mood for an explosive sexual encounter. Released in 1995, ‘Pony’ start-stop rhythm pattern similar with a bassline and melody formed by vocoded vocal samples which you can move your interlocked bodies to.

2Musshh By Reminisce
This monster hit was released in 2013 and it is still bound to make you want to hit harder when you listen to it. With an amazing chorus laying credence to the physical attributes of women and how much of a turn on it is, you’re bound to get the feel you want from it. And that is the sex vibe.

Pussy Is Mine by miguel
The title of this 2012 release says it all. With a high baseline coupled with incredible vocals, what more do you need to get into the mood?

Drunk In Love by Beyonce featuring Jay z
This 2013 song asides the sexual theme has got a love undertone. The song contains a lot of bass and trap beats which encourages sexual mobility. It can also bring a bit more passion and intensity to your make out session.

Dadubule By Skailey
Mental This song was a major hit that catapulted Skailey Mental to legendary status. With incredibly vulgar lyrics and afrobeats, the song will have you going on and on.

Cater To You by destiny’s child
This one is definitely for the ladies. This rhythm and blues ballad contain lyrics pointing to how much a woman craves to satisfy and ‘cater to her man’. Men will have a soft spot for this one.

Skin by Rihanna
This dance pop song is one you really want to have in your playlist. It is one that you sure want to listen to again and again.

Redi By OritseFemi
This 2015 dance track by the musical taliban is sexually charged with lots of explicit content just the way you like it.

Novacane by Frank ocean
The lyrics of these songs coupled with the beats are one you should consider putting in your playlist.

Rocket by Beyonce
This soul funk contains explicit and metaphorical lyrics that discusses female sexuality. This song contains more than enough sexual innuendos to get you in cloud 9.

Enter The Place By 2face Idibia
This one describes it all. Coming from the veteran himself 2face Idibia, the sexual vibe this song gives off can only be left to the imagination.

And those are some of the most sexually charged songs you should have for that alone time for you and your partner. What other songs do you think should make a sexual playlist?


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