Tweets: Omojuwa Thinks APC Isn’t Working ENOUGH

Omojuwa Thinks APC Isn’t Working ENOUGH
Lol, not the way you really think. Here is it. You know when Abba Moro was the minister of Interior, so many people died during his tenure when NIS rolled out forms online for recruitments.
They made a lot of money from the recruitment and so many under graduates died during the exercise including a pregnant woman, and a mother who was a bread winner. Well, Omojuwa while reacting to an headline which quoted a website saying: ‘Abba Moro Mocks APC, Says Ruling Party Still Reciting Campaign Promises’ said it wasn’t his fault, but that of APC who stilled allowed people like Abba Moro roam around the streets when he is supposed to be…. you know where, lol. Love me some Japheth!!


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