Mercy Johnson is pregnant again barely 10 months after delivering second baby | Lagosloaded.ComMercy Johnson is pregnant again barely 10 months after delivering second baby | Lagosloaded.Com

Mercy Johnson is pregnant again barely 10 months after delivering second baby


Extremely talented and hard-working actress, Mercy Johnson welcomed her second child Henry in October 2014, but she is already expecting another baby with her husband Prince Odianosen barely 10 months after.

Her pregnancy became obvious on set of her new blockbuster movie, Eviction Day, produced by renowned filmmaker Vitus Nnebue and directed by Afe Olumowe Pictures Image and also starring Nkem Owoh, Isabella Ayuk, Uche Odoputa, and many others.

Mercy Johnson who doesn’t like to go about with a protruded belly and a couple of times has released her post baby photos spotting a flat belly, now rocks a small baby bump as the pregnancy is still in the early stage.

This is not a matter of hear-say but a matter of seeing-is-believing as our reporters were at the location and found out that her pregnancy was no longer news to everyone who worked with her on set of the movie even as they pampered her accordingly.

You don’t have to believe this report for now, but you’ll eventually do when the pregnancy fully balloon in a couple of months.

However, let’s tell you that the actress’ new Cinema movie “Eviction Day” is one movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The movie script is a complicated one that exposes the evils of men single and married and the consequence of decisions made, a script which Mercy Johnson led other star actors to deliver effortlessly.

Source – MUB

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