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4 Nokia World Records That Will Shock You


4 Nokia World Records That Will Shock You

Nokia in conjunction with microsoft has being keeping us busy with new flagships like Nokia lumia 950 and 950XL, here are there world record.

1 The World’s Most Listened To Ringtone

The Nokia tune Grand Valse was written in 1902, composed by Spanish composer Francisco Tarrega, Anssi Vanjoki along with Lauri Kivinen, is now heard worldwide an estimated 1.8 billion times per day.

2 The World’s Biggest Cinema Screen

Nokia constructed a cinema so huge that it had to be watched from outside.

The screen was of 1,428 square meter about *51 x 28 meters* was held in place by two giant cranes were viewers watched the Prince of Persia movie projected by four XLM HD30 projectors each weighing about 140 kilos.

3 The World’s Most Popular Phone

The Nokia 1100 holds the world record for most popular phone, with 250 million sold worldwide.

4 The World’s Most Popular Mobile Game

Do you guys remember the snake game programmed for the Nokia 6100 series of handset, is not embedded in over 350 million device worldwide all though overtaken years ago.

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