Taylor Swift Is Named Highest Earning Musician With $1M Per Day

Taylor Swift covers GQ

If you are not a stranger to the music industry, you must be aware that the year 2015 has been exceptionally good to Taylor Swift.

The 25-year-old singer is said to have raked in $317.8 million so far from her 1989 album, tour and multiple endorsements,And if that news is anything to go by, this automatically means that Taylor Swift has been making more than $1million per day.

Apart from a very successful album, the singer also made her money from mouth-watering endorsement deals with brands like Elizabeth Arden and Diet Coke.

If we can remember clearly, Taylor took over as Queen of Instagram some months back and now this whole thing makes us believe she is far ahead of everyone else in the industry and she will reach Billionaire status very soon.

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