Breaking News: Nigeria Handsome Nollywood Actor, Nonso Diobi Shot Dead…See Photos | Lagosloaded.ComBreaking News: Nigeria Handsome Nollywood Actor, Nonso Diobi Shot Dead…See Photos | Lagosloaded.Com

Breaking News: Nigeria Handsome Nollywood Actor, Nonso Diobi Shot Dead…See Photos


Nonso Diobi was born on July seventeenth 1976 in Enugu to Mr Diobi’s family. The Young Talented Actor grew up in Anambra State in a family of five, two ladies and three guys. because the last kid of the family, Nonso Diobi forever saw himself within the limelight and as an freelance individual.

He began his own mini business at a young age, marketing garments to his fellow individual at his high school. His parents exposed him to explore his God given skills by doing stage plays at his native church once he was 15years old. He became one in all the simplest in his church drama cluster.

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This movie would be full of action, something Nollywood has been lacking for a while, the only thing I see nowadays is romance, cant wait to see this movie, from the photo you can see the bullet holes….

No Vex Na Aso-Rock We Dey Report From. Nolly Wood In The Making. Na Film Oh. Good Day

  1. pretty says

    Oh my God,wanted 2 have heart attack..was so shocked 2 see it in internet. Thank God it not real..don’t wanna lose u

  2. Chomcy says

    Tank goodness I really neva wnt to loose u. God knows

  3. Anonymous says


  4. MARY BIZZ says


  5. ogah whitney says

    thank God is just a movie I was relly sared

  6. Queen says

    father thank u for d live of chinonso, nothing will happen to u my lovely actor, d reporters are out of their mind

  7. en no go better for reporter says

    en go better for reporter

  8. says

    Thought this was for real omg
    One of my fave. Thank God it’s not real.

  9. Grace says

    i was surprise wen heard the news ,i thank god is not real is a film

  10. doro says

    Thank God u r alive, may u live longer

  11. frank king says

    i allmost failnt to hear dat thank god it is real but we ar missin his new film

  12. Emie says

    I was shocked to the marrow but thank Jehovah you are alive. That’s occupational hazard. Live on my twin brother.

  13. Anonymous says

    see make una no dey use dis as play abeg poo.

  14. Chinny says

    Nawaooo you guys should be careful the way you broadcast falsely ooo. Almost had heart attack. Thank God he is alive

  15. Emancipate De Great says

    Ha! I thought it was real bt tank God it is an irony…..But pls we shuld stop posting fake news or information.

  16. Bea says

    Please no matter the kind of money you make in life ,don’t ever use your life to play ,because your life is number one for you and your family’s, any way I was shocked and run to google to check weather true or false thank to God is not real wish you well and long long life with your new movies bye and have a nice time,

  17. favour says

    Thank God it was only a movie

  18. favour Samuel says

    u people should stop dat nonsense b/4 u kill some one,

  19. Anonymous says

    i u ar live

  20. Thank God u are alive says

    Rita dick

  21. I thank God for and your life says

    Rita dick

  22. Emmyranpad says

    Watttt u really fear me oo 😀

  23. Anonymous says

    Rumour said dat Nonso Diobi is dead..God Forbid, am still doubting d rumour…Hmmm

  24. Anonymous says

    ur alive ,thanks

  25. safa saviour says

    chinese thunder rape de person wey say nonso don die

  26. nonso diobi says

    thank god he iz alive

  27. princess says

    You will not die and you will be invincible

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