See The 3 Things All Men Must Know Before Marrying A Woman

Men need to be very careful when it comes to choosing a wife. You should look beyond some superficial expectations and instead, focus on these three things that could make or ruin your union.

1. How does she manage money?

Money is one of the biggest cause of rift in a marriage. If she is not good with money, it can put the both of you in a tough spot. Find out how she spends and it will tell you a lot about her character. Does she spend beyond her means? Is she more focused on impressing others by engaging in lavish lifestyles whether or not she can afford it? These things stay a lot about her. If your money expectations and habits are not compatible, think twice about a union with her.

2. What is her love language?

We all have different love languages. A love language is a way we all give and receive love. For instance, if you show love by buying gifts and her love language is to be touched, you will both end up being frustrated. She would feel you do not love her and you will feel like your efforts are not appreciated. There are five major love languages (gift giving, words of affirmation, art of service, physical touch and spending quality time). You should both know each other’s love language to avoid tension.

3. What are her expectations?

Every marriage is different so you both need to know what you both need in your marriage. Talk about your expectations. What does your ideal family look like? How will decisions be made? What do you think your roles should be? Discuss and have an agreement you are both comfortable with.

Be careful while choosing.. Make the right choice bro!


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