VIDEO: I Can Never Fight Davido, He Is Too Small for Me – Dele Momodu Reacts to Davido’s “My Boy” Taunts

In new interview with Ghana’s Joy News, the Ovation publisher ‘Dele Momodu’ responded to the questions on how he feels about Davido taunts on social media.

“I don’t think Davido will see me and say I’m his boy, I’m his father,” Momodu said, adding, “Why would I fight with my own child? I can’t fight him and now we are connected together through that baby.”

Recall that last week, Davido shared a clip, mocking Momodu. “How fa na, uncle Dele? You for tell me make I buy you ticket,” the singer, said in a Snapchat clip, and his gang also joined in mocking the Ovation magazine publisher.

However, Momodu feels Davido does all this just to sell records. “ Sometimes your fans may mislead you, and know what he is doing is what every other artistes does: you wants to sell records, so you have to create controversy,” Momodu said.

“I can never fight Davido,” Momodu continued. “He is too small for me. On Ovation TV, almost every week they are playing Osinachi despite the fact that Osinachi is using style to attack me .” You can watch and download he video below:


  1. Dis aw one is soppos 2 react weneva u r been critisize by odas..dele realy show humblenes n maturity through his respos.


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