Mp3: Fetty Wap – Jugg Ft. Monty

Download and Listen to Jugg By Fetty Wap Ft. Monty.

Four days ahead of the release of his highly anticipated album, Fetty Wap has dropped a new single, “Jugg,” which, like so many of his tracks, features that dude Monty. We don’t know too much about Remy Boyz’ second-in-command, but he’s the only feature on Fetty’s upcoming self-titled debut, and he happens to be featured on 9 tracks. “Jugg” sounds a lot like most of Fetty’s tracks, but the slightly different melody is immediately catchy, and it’ll likely make its debut on the charts in about a month or so.

On the song, Fetty, sounding more romantic than ever, promises to teach his baby how to “jugg.” We haven’t quite pinned down the definition, but it seems to be a special type of finessing reserved to real trappers. The most prominent use of the term comes from Fetty’s biggest idol, but as Fetty has a knack for making trap lingo part of the middle school vernacular, ya better beat the kids to it and learn how to jugg.



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