I’m Pregnant; My Boyfriend Wants Abortion, What Should I Do?


Pls I need advice,i just had to create a new account to avoid embrassment.
I’m 21yrs old and I had sex for the first time 1month ago,i was feeling sick so I decided to visit the doctor only to discover that i am pregnant.

I told my boyfriend and he suggested abortion..the problem is I don’t want to abort the baby cos of fear.I kept my since till one ago because of different Phrophecy concerning pregnancy I must not abort if I do I will die.
I told my boyfriend everything but he insist I abort it if not he is going to abandon me to my fate.
My mum will kill me,society will crucify me,i have cried and cried,i don’t know what to do.

Some guys are wicked upon all the promise of love.
I would have kept my virginity if I had known.


  1. my advice 2 you is to run 4 life since u hvave discover dt that abortion may cause to loose ur life so ix good 4 you 2 go and settle ur self since the time where germing your self you never request any person advice, so seat and look 4 solution pls.

  2. U see my advise to u is to keep the baby cause if u abort it u might not have any children in life again what u will do is to pray to God he will surely help u and that child might b a leader tommorow so pls don’t kill but save someone soul


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