Album Review: Olamide – Eyan Mayweather

Artiste – Olamide
Album – Eyan Mayweather
Tracks – 21
Skit – None
Intro/Outro – None
Guest Appearances – None
Producers – Pheelz(16), BBanks (3), ID Cabasa (1), Young John (1)
Released Date – November 23rd 2015
Duration – 1:18:25 (1hr 20mins approx.)

Yes! Olamide did a wonderful job on the album, I should first say that and be honest, though he featured no one but yet made the album one to call for.

But then the album still doesn’t seem well to not feature at least an artiste or one from YBNL, you might say its his choice but what about his fans choice, we’re the ones he made if for anyway and many are looking forward to his collaborations on the album.

Although, he had put up a very good effort for the album and its making waves as expected, tracks with good vibes, lyrics, beats and he also showed versatility in music genres as he featured Rap, Pop, RnB and more.

Still, I don’t understand why he had to make a 21tracked album and had one producer produce 16tracks of it even despite he featured no one, perhaps his trying to show some difference in his style or building some new trend for other to follow.

Even So, Pheelz still showed he was capable and a beat mighty. In one album, one artiste 16single he treated an managed beat wise, I can’t still pinpoint a fvck up in the beats of the tracks he Produced.

Well for me, Olamide is Olamide, he’s the one I new always wanting to be spectacular and I can say he is. Eyan Mayweather was not much of my expectations though but at least I danced to it.

Rating: 3 1/2 / 5

Reviewed by Mr. Barny

The author is solely responsible for whatever is expressed above and not in connection to


  1. olamide baddo .ola sneh .u 2 much den go dey posu u but den no go met u no mind anybody __SE ORO NI YEN? OYA MI LENU OOO!!! jaye lo eyan mayweather sneh


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