Mother and her 3 month old son found dead with their throats slit


A 36-year-old mother, Shanna Riddle Vandewege, who had tried so many times to have a baby was killed alongside her 3-month-old infant son, Diederick Vandewege.

The mother and son were found dead with their throats slit at the family’s home in Forth Worth, Texas, last Thursday night.

According to People, the bodies of the mother and her infant child were both discovered by the victim’s husband, Craig Vandewege, after he came home from work Thursday.

He immediately called the police, who have since ruled the deaths as homicides.

The couple recently moved to Texas from Colorado before their child was born.

Vandewage worked as a registered nurse and was on maternity leave at the time of her death.

Vandewege’s father, Mark Riddle said:

“They tried so long to have a baby. She had three miscarriages prior to having one,”. “A new mother, a three-month-old baby … why? Why kill them? There’s no reason.”

The victim’s husband who is also the infant’s father, Craig Vandewege has reportedly been cooperative with police and has not been declared a suspect in the deaths.


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