“If you are a short man, I can’t marry you”- Beauty Queen


Abena Akuaba Appiah,who is 5ft 8in tall, a Ghanaian model, has revealed she can neither date nor marry a short man from Ghana…

Speaking to Showbiz in an interview, the 2014 Miss Universe Ghana who has a crush on Prince Harry of the United Kingdom and American entomologist, Steven Kutcher, said she would rather marry a taller man.

‘No disrespect to short men but I can’t imagine myself dating or getting married to a short man. I am 5”8 feet tall and I wouldn’t want a short man whom I would have to bend down to look at. A man taller than me will do for me My type of man is probably not in Ghana because currently I am crushing on Prince Harry of the United Kingdom and Entomologist Steven Kutcher who played the lead role in the Spider man movie,’ she added


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