5 Ways To Identify A Love-Starved Guy


Conji is a very bad thing . It has turned so many guys to ‘desperados’ and ‘machines’ that are easily predictable! When conji sets in, everything in ‘love’ and ‘romance’ becomes acceptable, okay and right too!!! . In fact, it is a baskard!

Below are observable traits that some guys exhibit when they are love-starved! Then, just know that conji has gotten the better part of them :

1) They quickly return missed calls from unsaved numbers: When a guy is always quick to return missed calls or flashes from numbers that are not saved on their phones, you could be right if you assert that he might be love-starved! When they hear a male voice from the other side, oh gush!!!…their hopes have been dashed; they would quickly end the call. Their only expectation is to speak to a female and nothing more. Hehehehe . To them, the flasher could be an ex, old flame or a babe they exchanged phone contacts with some time ago! . All na the race to cure conji. We are aware o, but we are not against …but if na Rufus, your paddy na im flash you, to call go become egbegba!!!

2) They call random phone numbers: This is not only annoying but also disgusting! How can you sit in your house and start dialing numbers indiscriminately and randomly? The aim or purpose is to hopefully call a naïve female who might play along with them. Like No.1, if they happen to hear a male voice from the other side, that’s the end of the call!!! Na bad market that one be!

3) They indulge so much on pornographic materials: This is another sign that a guy might be love-starved (sex-starved too)!!! They spend thousands of Naira streaming, watching and downloading pornographic movies every month!!! The slightest available MB on their phone would probably end up in downlading or watching these clips! . It could be an easy way to satisfy that urge, you know

4) Through their activities on social media: Observe their disposition on social media; they mostly portray themselves as people who hate Nigerian ladies with passion! To them, they see nothing good in ladies; very quick to condemn and insult at the slightest opportunity, using extremely derogatory words!!! The truth is that most of them are just hiding behind a veil, they are actually love-starved!!! They need romance in real life; they want an understanding loving woman by their side . A man with a loving understanding woman does not go about raining unwarranted insults on the women folk on social media platforms!!!
You can express your views and thoughts without pouring derogatory words on women!

5) They use pics of unknown girls as their social media display picture: You will see some using the pics of beautiful girls gotten from the Internet as their display pictures on facebook, whatsapp, etc. Oh gush! Bros, why na? Wetin do your own pictures? In real life, they would hardly even have the opportunity to go close to that lady, talk more of having an affair with her . Some even go as far as opening threads on this forum to show folks their new ‘girlfriend’ from Bahamas or Cape Verde!!! All na fake…and remember, like 2face said, ‘There is more to life than just faking up reality’.

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