VIDEO: Listen To Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s Powerful Speech To His Fans

Kendrick Lamar

While Kendrick Lamar’s Kunta’s Groove Sessions Tour is on the verge of it’s end, last night, while performing in NYC, the Compton rapper decided to take a few moments for himself and address the fans.

The lyricist’s amazing speech was received with nothing but love from the crowd as he thanked his “day one” fans for supporting TPAB while stressing the importance of music’s emotional impact over its commercial success.

Music is not something that you can motherfucking market all the time,” he said. “This shit belong to you and you only. Some shit that y’all can feel whether you insecure, vulnerable, mad, happy, angry, sad. You pop this motherfucking tape in, and you love and you live this shit.”

Download and Watch/Listen To What Kendrick Lamar’s Have To Say Below!



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