Which Is The Real Hit! Davido’s Pere or Wizkid’s Medicine

Davido's Pere and Wizkid's Medicine

So far so good, the two critically acclaimed Nigerian international acts has done so well this year, as both artiste have dropped hits back to back this year.

Wizkid blew the minds of fans with Sweet Love, Daddy Yo, Come Closer and now Medicine, Davido on the other hand kept us grooving with his If, Fall and now Pere, which he enlisted two international rappers, Young Thug and Rae Sremmurd.

No doubts both of them would be deserving for Best Acts awards this year, but whom do you think has done more, and judging from there last hits, which is the real bang, Is it pere or Medicine?.

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  1. Medicine is doper than pere. Can’t be playd anytime of d day bt pere is good song also. Wizkid realy has up his game with creativity. Up wizkid.

  2. Medicine is doper than pere. Can be playd anytime of d day bt pere is good song also. Wizkid realy has up his game with creativity. Up wizkid.

    • Smooth? Cool?? Better?? Neva compare wizkid and davido.. Wizzy no dey the guy level again. Africa to the world. Sftos##

      • You are just talking with the little you have in your head. Check the world’s billboard chat history and check the amount of Davido’s songs compared to wizkid own… Wizkid is just trying to be what he can never be…. Think well my brother.

        • enemy of progress, wizkid is trying to be “what he can Neva be0” Abi, u what are u? just come and be writing nonsense fool

      • look at this empty barrel calling someone dump. senseless idiot is ur type that will be owning mtn #100 and b singing #30b for the account, arrogant bastard son of a nobody

  3. All of you that is saying medicine, what do u know about music? Medicine na music? Pere dope 100% pass that stupid Medicine. O.B.O carry go joor. You sabi.

  4. Comment
    medicine has no direction pere na compass wey knw where he dey go…obo baddest..dey say u get frog voice…okay o hu voice don epp?????

  5. @sammy you claim to know music, i aint a fan of any of them but now you think about it, pere yea its a Trap song but it didnt really make much sense, but check out medicine, sensational, Good lyrics and rythm, thats a good song that can be aired anywhere, well i Go for Medicine though

    • Boos, just cool down and listen to that pere very well…u will understand what music all about. Both beat and everything, PERE 100% dope pass medicine. Music done finish for wizkid mouth Oga. En DE sing rubbish this time. Check the time when en sing kiden girl and now and tell me the different.

      • Oga shut that gutter, download lyrics before you comment rubbish.
        Medicine #Good beat, good prod., good lines.
        Wizzy far far better than OBO
        they are both good though. But Wizzy sabi the game

  6. wizkid is the badest boy ..Form Baba Nla , Daddy Yo to sweet love,SO Davido or whatever your name your is you bita go..

  7. U go 4 wizzy cos he made dope songs in the past, wizkid doesn’t have what Nigerians need right now. He mentions starboy in 1 song upto 10x.wit truth bow 4 davido this year please. Take 1 pere and cum bak 4 more.

  8. Comment:if i may ask ,pls fanz wen u are sick wat do u take in as ur hlp to recover ?is it not medicine!!!! (medicine ) @starboy.

  9. I be p square fans but dis moment hw about wizkid and davido pere & medicine ,,,medicine is more powerful then pere ,,now luck at d rimx phyno & flavour & wizkid medicine ,,materkrfft on d beat,,,, wizzybabanal abeg wizkid u too much good work

  10. I no blame people wey support medicine because na for small children so pere na for big boyz and real niggaz, we are talking abt real song here not medicine so if wizzy dey find medicine make he go chemists. Big shout out 2 #OBO# pere for me

  11. abeg wetin dem just dey talk for dat #Pere Song. man no fit hear a single word and u call that a song damn!! Nigerians Una dey try
    Buh check out #Medicine er’tin is clear the word and lyrics #Starboy all the way joor

  12. They’re both good songs, most or all of una we una didn’t hear a word from the trap heavy weight in pere but causie it’s OBO every one is making a buzz of it, you need to really give wizzy medicine some listening ear and you will find out our long gone wizkid use really and made more sense cause of the Afro fusion so no hating but medicine is way better but they are both great sounds from great talents.. check out my Shits too on tindeck.

  13. Let’s take a look at it very well I am a big fan of davido but don’t ever compare wizkid and davido because the truth is wizkid is more better than davido


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