PHOTOS: 8 Reasons Why Everybody Is Crushing On Korede Bello



Ever since Korede Bello rose to stardom following his hit music ‘Godwin’, ladies and guys all over Nigeria just can’t get enough of him.

The Nigerian singer and songwriter currently signed to Mavin Records is super attractive, unique and very stylish.

Here’s prove why its so easy to fall in love with Korede Bello. Enjoy!

1. He is incredibly handsome

Korede why

Korede main

Korede why2

Just look at him! Korede looks so young and amazing. There’s something about those eyes it almost hurts to look at him.

2. Has a charming Personality

Korede Houston4

Korede why3

Always smiling, full of life and vibrant! Korede’s smile lights up a room.

3. Amazing curly hair

Korede why4

Just look at that hair! Would give a girl a run for her money.

4. That wink of his!

Korede why8

Melts hearts all the way.

5. His sense of style is always on point


Korede why6

Korede why5

How does he even manage to look like this?!

Korede why1

6. He covers Magazines like he was born to do it

Korede why10

What else does the magazine really need?

7. He has always looked this great

Korede bel2

Feel the packs. Lol

8. Has a soft spot for kids

Korede why7

As long as he keeps singing, looking and dressing like he does, fans will never tire of being a Bellover!

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