I Cried When I Was Paid The Money That Changed My Life – Comedian Akpororo


His brand of comedy is infectious, a reason he has gradually become a force to reckon with in the Nigerian comedy industry. In this chat, Akpororo reveals his grass to grace story.
Popular Nigerian comedian, Akpororo, whose real name is Bowoto Jephta, in a new interview, has shared the story of his rise to fame in the highly competitive comedy industry.
Below are excerpts from the chat;
Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
My real name is Bowoto Jephta, popularly known as Akpororo. I came into limelight in 2008, shortly after I emerged winner of the keenly contested AY Open Mic comedy competition. Prior to emerging winner of the competition, I was more into music. I also played football. But in all, it’s comedy that has brought me where I am today. I think without comedy, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Comedy has given me name and prominence.
What is the greatest thing you’ve achieved so far through comedy?
Comedy has opened a lot of doors for me. At the moment, I get access easily into areas I couldn’t before now and easy access to top and influential personalities too.
What inspires your jokes?
I have always told people that I am a church boy. So the word of God inspires my jokes. I’m in the choir and I have a mass choir like 80-90 people in Okokomaiko. I don’t joke with the word of God which explains why most of my jokes are about men of God and the church.
We would like to know how the stage name, Akpororo came about?
There was a day I was abusing a guy in the church and I said ‘you wey your head look like Akpororo’. My Bishop just looked at me and said why don’t you change your name from Holy Son to Akpororo? I didn’t argue and since then it has been Akpororo.
The last time you cried, what was the cause?
I hardly cry. God doesn’t allow things that will make me cry to happen. Even when my heart was broken by my ex-girlfriend, I didn’t cry. When I lost my grandfather I didn’t cry; so what else will make me cry? The time I cried was when they paid me money that changed my life. Right there, I shed tears because I was overwhelmed. It was tears of joy

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