Must See: Did GLO Send You This TEXT (See Screenshot)

Must See: Did GLO Send You This TEXT (See Screenshot)

I was just minding my business this afternoon and i received this text from GLO, i cant even say how pissed i am about it. i did my SIM registration duly a long time back, i cant imagine the mammoth crowd one may face if i have to head to GLOWORLD to sort this out.

I had to call Glo Customer Care and they said its possible that some details where not entered, i pressed further and the CC rep said it was as a result of current security challenges in the country… i don’t even know how that correlates

Bottomline, he said it affects a lot of folks, that he is quite worried how they would handle the amount of folks that will storm their GLOWORLD offices quite aggrieved.

Did you get a similar message?

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