IMSU Bans Pouring Of Water On Graduates


IMSU Bans Pouring Of Water On Graduates
The thread of pouring water on students at the end of their final exams is no new news in our Nigeria higher institutions… But over the years, it has really gone bad, as some students now use this medium to perpetrate evil on this graduating ones..
Last year we recall a case of a student of imsu been bathed with acid and another similar case in Lasu and Uniben…

As the Imo State University Owerri prepares to round up her second semester exams come next week.. The school authorities has dished out a note of warning to everyone it may consign, as seen below:

P.M.B 2000
Pouring of water after Exam by the graduating students has been banned by the school authority, be it in the school or in your hostels, Any one caught will be arrested…
Also, pasting of posters and bills at the school
walls has been banned,,, Any one caught pasting
bills and posters at the school walls will be arrested immediately..

This information came from the school management after a meeting with the
SUG….please lets help and keep all those rules
because it is for our own good,, last year a
graduating student was poured Acid due to the
pouring of water and the student died..Still that
last year another students fells into a pit and died immediately due to the same pouring of water after final exams….

Do report anyone you see going against this rules to the security details in your alliance or to the school security desk..

IMSU Bans Pouring Of Water On Graduates
IMSU Bans Pouring Of Water On Graduates
IMSU Bans Pouring Of Water On Graduates


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