How To Unsubscribe From MTN Play For Removing Your Money Always


Today I will show you how you can opted or unsubscribe from MTN Play from deducting your money always and sending some latest news,sports etc maybe your tired with them but you dont know how to opted from that service.


Whatever the services you have subscribed for whether willingly or unwillingly, knowing or unknowing, you should follow this simple step below and i pray it will be the end of your frustrations.

1. Using the SIM which you have been subscribed for MTN Play services, go to your browser and visit:

2. In their homepage, you will see options in the menu bar; Home, sports, and My MTN Play like you see on the image above. Then You should select “My MTN Play”.

3. In the submenu there will be three options too, click on ‘my subscriptions’. It will display the current services which you are subscribed to.

4. Then click on the service(s) whether CNN news, sahara news, sport news, Local news etc.

5. Finally, it will display how to unsubscribe. I hope this helps those people like me, that have been suffering from N50 weekly MTN punishment.
Hope this will help you guys from removing your N100 or N50 every day or every week.

OR if this don’t work for You


just Call 180 and press 4 follow by 0 wait for them to pick Your call Just ask them to Help u stop MTNPLAY and they will do just that Immediately

  1. Nweke Johnpaul chinedu says

    Please mtn, cancel all mtn play frm this number 08137423605 or else i will stop using mtn network frm this moment.

  2. Mrs omonijo says

    Pls stop this offer I never subscribe for call mtn play … is chopping my money

  3. Ogboru uzuazomaro says

    Please mtn cancel mtnplay frm this number 07033518170 or else i will stop using mtn network frm this moment

  4. michael isaac amoto says

    i dm’t want MTNplay at all, please stop it because they are disturbing me

  5. Anonymous says

    Abeg mtn mak ona help me deactivate from Sahara sms

  6. Anthony Anyaogu says

    thanks….your advice worked on how to unshackle myself from mtnplay

  7. Lawal abu says

    Council my number from mtnplay or i brake my line

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