Amazing! Nigerian scientists has found the cure for AIDS

Nigerian scientists keep improving in their researches and work when it comes to providing medical services and finding ways of improving the health status of their patients.

A team of researchers at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture in Umudike, Abia state has been diligent with their work and has been able to prove that one of their products can cure HIV/AIDS.

The team was led by Prof Maduike Ezeibe. The Medicinal Synthetic Aluminium-magnesium Silicate (MSAMS) is the team’s solid product for the cure of AIDS. This drug has gone through series of test; its anti-retroviral efficacy has been tested in male and female carriers of the virus.

The outcome of the clinical trial of this drug was published in the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research. A lot of work seems to have been done by these Nigerian scientists who keep searching for the cure of the deadly disease.

Millions of people have died because of this disease while a large number of people are able to manage the virus by living on drugs. Irrespective of this, the Nigerian team of scientists keep doing their best possible in ensuring they find the cure for it.

This new cure found was presented with other papers at the World Virology Conference 2016 held at Texas in the United States. A video presentation on the new cure was made at the conference. This was received well received amidst cheers and loud applause.

It was a great pity that the head of the team, Prof. Ezeibe, could not be at the conference because he was unable to raise enough money for his flight ticket. The news of the newly found cure for AIDS is a delectable piece of information, it is only hoped that these individuals who have gone this far will have all it takes to push it to the very end.



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