8 Common Things Guys Do When They Come Back From Church


8 Common Things Guys Do When They Come Back From Church

These are the things most guys do after coming back from church..
Read Calmly:-
1. Sport
Yes this is what most guys do I do it and I know many guys who do it. They drop there bible, change to their kit either football basketball or any other..
2. Party
These type of guys get information in the church or before they went to church or after church (mogbomoya)(I see I branch) even with their bible with them that’s why they mostly use pocket bible..
3. Social media Freaks
Hehehe!! This one is very common abi? you are one of them?. Even In the church they can’t even drop their phones when pastor is praying they close one eye and use the other, on their way home they are still on it till when they get home till 3am they are still on it, chatting and all, God save us..
4. Babe Waiters
Some guys do these after coming out of the church door either their phone ring or they call like this . “Hello bae were you dey u don reach wait for me for bustop a beg I dey come”..
5. Street strolling
Today na Sunday see as everything dey boring abeg make we stroll jaw..
6. Film Watchers
These one na I’m pain me pass before you get home they will start asking “You see say terminator genesis do come out a beg I no fit miss am even if NEPA carry light”..
7. Fellowship Godowns
This what I do, I get home kneel down to God pray to him then get ready for evening fellowship..
8. Add yours let the fun go on

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  1. Morakinyo dipo says

    Go to hotel in d evening

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