8 Annoying Jobs Nigeria Graduates Do In Order To Survive At Overseas Countries

The rush for greener pasture has becloud the vision of Nigeria Graduates to the extent that most believe nothing good can happen owing to the deplorable state of the country’s economy.

As a result of negative economic situation, some have travelled to the overseas in search for good jobs but it’s unfortunate that they eventually secure shameful occupation which they can’t even wish for their enemy to do.  

Therefore, 8 Annoying Jobs Nigeria Graduates Do In Order To Survive At Overseas Countries

1. Cleaner

It’s so demoralising to see a PHD holder cleaning toilets, streets, floor of hotels, bars and offices. No matter how terrible Nigeria economy is, a graduate of such calibre cannot even think for once in picking such jobs in this county except if his/her village witches are at work. 

2. Security guard

I have heard cases of professors in Nigeria University been employed as security guard in overseas countries because his quality of education and expertise cannot even match the skills an employer is looking for. What could be so agonising to see your celebrated professor as puppet in another country?

3. Washing dead bodies

It’s rather an insult upon injury to see a Graduate of this country washing dead body in another man’s land to make end meets. The most annoying thing they claim to be working as forensic officer but what happens when they contact a deadly disease during the occupation, of course prophet T.B joshua will be at their rescue.

4. Prostitution

I don’t know why some ladies who are graduates has completely lost self esteem and integrity hereby resorting to prostitution career when they travel to overseas. This is a common act in countries like Italy and Brazil where they have sex with all sort of men, dog, horse and monkey in order to make money. I am sure that people must have heard the story of a female Nigeria celebrity who did this act. I pity the guy that will marry her.  

5. House maid

I believe that the highest qualification to select a house maid suppose to be someone with O level certificate but the case is different in overseas countries where some Nigeria graduate make mockery of their selves to work as house help.

6. Refuse and Sewage packer

Honestly speaking I pity the life of refuse and sewage workers because they are marred with poor health condition which is as a result of the bad stench oozing from the waste. Let’s be frank here, can a white man work as sewage worker in Nigeria? Abi no be the same brain God give us?

7. Drug smuggler

Smuggling cocaine, hemp, marijuana and other hard drugs is not a legitimate occupation and it can never be. Greed and desperation to become wealthy fast has ruin the destiny of so many Nigeria Graduates whereby some have rot in jail while others has received death penalty.
8. Undertaker

There is dignity in when a graduate of this country patiently build his/her career at expense of picking a job that will never add value to his resume. Imagine a graduate working as undertaker (lifting corpse in coffin) at overseas countries because of the money attached. Is that life?

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  1. Is it not better than sitting a control that holds nothing for its Graduates Rather spend money on athletics? If the Money is forth coming their is nothing wrong in doing any of the workd listed above… The aim of working is to save some money… …….


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