Drake Sing Like Wizkid In ‘One Dance’ – Wale

American/Nigerian rapper, Wale revealed in a new interview that Drake sounded like Wizkid on ‘One Dance’ track and he would love to hear more of wizkid. In his words:

“I would like to hear more of Wizkid. I would like to hear more of Wizkid on one dance. I could hear more control. It sounds like Wizkid’s song. He sounded like Wizkid on that song. The lyrics, the style everything. I mean he is a phenomenal writer but I just feel like he sounds like Wizkid on that song.”

On Nigerian musicians, rapper Wale said:

“I’m proud of Davido and Wizkid and Olamide. There is alot of dope artists coming out right now. I knew it was gonna get there. I mean, Nigeria got like a whole 60 % of the swag in Africa. I always knew.

I remember bringing the idea of signing Wizkid to Roc nation to the guys out there. Like early on. It was way before this time. I knew it was gon get there. I got like 7 songs on the internet with him. If I had held on to him back then, it would have been a different story.”



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