Diamond Platnumz Daughter Seals New Deal


Tiffah, the daughter of Diamond Platnumz and Zarinah Hassan, is already cashing in big time as she is not only a brand ambassador for 2 companies already, but has also recently been endorsed by a couple of other companies.
The revelation came when Diamond took to his Instagram to let the world know that his baby’s face would not just be released on Instagram, rather, the baby’s face would be revealed in a big photo and video shoot which would air on September 20th.
Follow the jump to see what Diamond has to say about Tiffah:
On the 20th of September 2015 my Daughter’s face @princess_tiffah will be Exclusively shown for the first time to the public… would you like to know which companies have sponsored her first video and photo??? Apart from being @MsasanicityMall and @PuguMall # BABYSHOP brand Ambassador would you like to know which companies have endorsed her??? Stay with me!!! #TIffahsDay Coming Soon..%
(Tareh 20|09|2015 kwa mara ya kwanza sura ya Binti yangu @princess_tiffah tutaiweka hadharani…je ungependa kujua ni Kampuni gani imedhamini Video na Picha yake ya kwanza????.. Mbali na kuwa balozi wa # BABYSHOP ya @Msasanicitymall & @Pugumall ungependa kujua amekuwa Balozi wa nini tena???.. uskae mbali na mimi… #TiffahsDay inakaribia..%) #ProudDad

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