Davido Talks About Sony Plans And New Single From His New Artiste Mayorkun | READ

Davido says his experience at the Fader Fort SXSW‘ Sounds from Africa’ showcase was a different one for him. The singer revealed this in a recent interview in
Houston Texas at the 2016 SXSW festival.

The ‘Dami duro’ crooner’ said he was fascinated how folks
that weren’t familiar with his music were vibing to it still which goes to show that African music is coming. He added
that he was grateful for the love shown out there.

The pop star shared that the Fader publisher said his magazine cover was one of the greatest they have ever had.

On his signing with Sony, and how that was going to change his career, the ‘Aye’ crooner said he didn’t feel it was going
to change it that much, but he does feel it will make him a bigger artist, and the funds will go a long way in expanding
his music and its reach.

“I don’t like to talk, I like to do action, I don’t want to speak of really why I signed to Sony, I think you’ll see the reason why I signed to Sony very soon”the singer said.

When asked about his new artist MayorKun, he says he is proud of the boy and feels like he is the best artist in the world, saying he makes him musically better and he’s glad to be working with him.

On plans for releasing his first single, the HKN singer said he plans to release it in about three weeks time and the video will be shot in five countries covering all continents and be released in about a month, and from there the second single and a party album.

Davido then went out to say that Sony was initially planning
for him to first release an EP, but after being with him for
about two months they felt they were good to go straight
with the album thanks to the hype and anticipation building
up around the album from his Nigerian fan base.


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