Flavour & Chidinma: One Of The Few Times When Music And Kisses Are Mixing In Public

Chidinma & Flavour represent an anomaly in this prevalent age of secrecy & PR curtains. They have mixed, kisses and music, and the public appears to be thrilled by it.

Chidinma & Flavour have caused a lot of fuss in the industry, individually, and as a group.
Chidinma’s ruckus-initiating tendency isn’t new. The singer has had the celebrity gossip become the latest foil to her immense music talent, combining both to get far. When she isn’t releasing good music to climb the chart, she has filled that time out with plenty of headline grabbing activities or revelations.

First was her famous virginity status disclosure. For some weird evolutionary reason, our brains are constantly being driven to genitals, sex and the attendant activities of our private parts. According to research,(made by people who are fascinated by people’s fascination about sex), the average man thinks about sex 19 times in 24 hours, and the female, an earth shattering 34 times a day. Chidinma’s
announcement that she was a virgin in 2013, led many towards her story.

She has since been the subject of Vector da Viper’s marriage
proposal, countless crushes by celebrities & dating speculations between her & Clarence Peters, Phyno & many others. On some level, she is some sort of no-sex symbol.
But all of that has changed due to the emergence of Flavour.

The Highlife star appears to be the guy behind Chidinma’s
heart. They have kissed on stage, in the music videos, cuddled, walked out in public, flaunted each other on social media and generated a storm of conversations, comments and contributions by the fans.

What makes this case weird is the prolific nature of Flavour’s child-rearing abilities. Flavour is regarded as a bad-boy celebrity womanizer, who has two kids to show for it. There’s one with Sandra Okagbue, who according to reports, he favors for a long term commitment. There’s also another from former beauty queen, Anna Banner the lady who is popular for playing his love interest in the heartwarming ‘Golibe’ video.
Flavour flaunts his virility at every given opportunity. His
shirtless photos are many women’s daydream fodder, & a
random perusal through his Instagram page will have ladies drooling…and you would also see Chidinma.

In the studio, the duo have collaborated thrice, producing magic on each occasion. Their hit songs include ‘Oh baby’, ‘Ololufe’, and the most recent‘Mama’. Chidinma and Flavour sing with an Eastern flavor that combines perfectly to produce pure art. They both understand music on a professional level, possess great vocals and write music. Bring all these together & they dovetail. perfectly.

Chidinma and Flavour is the only time, in a long time, that it
has been acceptable to combine music with romance… publicly. The duo are yet to announce anything concrete in that regard, but in the absence of any confirmation, the public has filled it in with positive assumptions.

Celebrities have sex all the time. They date all the time,
cuddle and kiss all the time…but it doesn’t get to the public
all the time. Chidinma and Flavour represent an anomaly in this prevalent age of secrecy and PR curtains. They have mixed, kisses and music, and the public appears to be thrilled by it.


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