Boko Haram raids Borno village, kills seven, loots grains, carts away livestocks

Boko Haram raids Borno village, kills seven, loots grains, carts away livestocks

On Monday, Boko Haram extremists raided a village in Borno state near the border with Niger, killing 7 people, community leaders said. Dozens of gunmen stormed Awonori, a farming and herding village near the fishing town of Damasak, and carted away food supplies and livestock, they said.

“They killed seven people, looted grains and took away all the livestocks in the village before fleeing into the bush,”
Muhammadu Modu Wan-Wan, head of the Damasak fishermen’s union.
“The gunmen who came in vans and on motorcycles around 7:00 am (0600 GMT) besieged the village and opened fire on residents as they were having breakfast before moving to their farms,” he said.

Wan-Wan said the attack forced the villagers to flee but they returned after the assailants had left. Abubakar Gamandi, the head of Borno’s fishermen’s union, confirmed the attack.

“I received report from my members in the Damasak area that Boko Haram gunmen attacked Awonori village this morning where they killed seven people and took away food and livestocks,” he said.

Last month, residents of Damasak and surrounding villages fled their homes and crossed the border into the Niger town of Diffa, fearing Boko Haram attacks. But Wan-Wan said many residents have returned to their farms since then.

“People have no food to feed their families which is why they take the risk of going back to their villages to work on their farms now that the rainy season has started,” he said.

Boko Haram, which is seeking to carve out a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria, has killed some 15,000 people since 2009. A regional 8,700-strong force aimed at ending the insurgency is due to deploy within days.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday told a national security gathering in Abuja that his government would “employ at least an extra 10,000 police officers and establish a properly trained and equipped federal anti-terrorism multi-agency task force” to crush the rebellion.




  1. May God grant the families of the deesased the fortitude to bear the irreparable losses. Definitely, the killers and the masterminder(s) of these devilish acts shall meet their creator one day. On no account must you kill another soul. ISLAM as a religion does not ask anybody to kill. For what? It is not written anywhere. Practise your faith and let me do mine, that’s the philosphy of Islam. The killers have a completely different hidden agenda, either they are fighting for something else or they want Muslims and Christians to clash in Nigeria. I pray it would never happened. Let’s stop pointing accuse fingers at only HAUSAS and MUSLIMS, there is more to this crisis. The people behind this attrocities are very wise, they want christianity to feel threatened and probably retaliate to cause chaos in Nigeria. THIS IS MORE POLITICAL. Anyway, we shall all leave this World one day to meet our creator and give account of how we spend our lives.


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