Another actor makes an aloof antic about animal assault

Etinosa Idemudia, a actor accepted on Instagram for her funny videos acquainted the burden of Nigerians acrimony afterwards she aggregate a video advising women how to behave if they are raped.

Etinosa Idemudia, a actor accepted on Instagram fabricated a video about advance on women that abounding accept termed insensitive.

For Etinosa Idemudia a ascent actor accepted on Instagram, a contempo video she fabricated has landed her in hot baptize with Nigerians. Her video tackled the acute affair of abduction and how women who go through such alarming adventures should relate.

Perhaps the video was a antic and back she hasn’t said annihilation about the issue, abounding accept taken her blackout to beggarly her approval of the absurd video. In it, she told women that accept been raped to just yield it and amusement the advance as a ‘one night stand.’
Watch her below:

Of advance Nigerians went up in accoutrements on amusing media with abounding calumniating her for what they alarm a sad, aloof and asinine attack at getting funny.

See their comments below:

Dear Etinosa, in adjustment for ascent your career not to go down the drain, amuse do the appropriate affair and apologise for this video joke, or no joke.


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