7 Things That May Happen Now That Davido And Wizkid Are Pepsi Brand Ambassadors

Fans are already expecting a hit track from Davido and Wizkid after it was recently announced that the ‘Skelewu’ singer is the latest Pepsi ambassador. Yes, a hit track. That’s what you get when you combine two musicians whose songs have never been considered ‘whack’

Omo Baba Olowo + Baba Nla = Aranbara

Since they both seem to be inching towards being close buddies on the same platforms, here are some other possible things that can happen with the duo:

*.They may headline a concert or better still do a nationwide tour together.

*.You think people cried for Flavour in Mali? Wait until Davido and Wizkid go on tour and start performing together. They will not only cause buckets of tears to be shed by appreciative fans, there will also be fainting too…you know, just like those Michael Jackson concerts.

*.There’s also the possibility of seeing them on a TV commercial together.

Shebi as long as Wizkid and Davido are on ‘it’, Nigerians will buy it?
So be it!

*.What if they both decide to port from their various telco deals?
Another Saka stunt? We doubt that very much.

*.What if both of them begin to fight for Seyi Shay‘s attention (a fellow Pepsi ambassador)?

*.Will Davido try to keep up and get baby number two as Wizkid has been recently alleged to have done? We doubt the baby will come from Sophia Momodu though…
*.Will Wizkid move in with Davido or vice versa? There are rumours that Wizkid is moving out of his current apartment. Also, some days ago, Davido announced on social media that he needed to move because people had found out where he lived and were beginning to ‘perch’.

Yes, there’s a probability that these two artistes might just get their own version ‘Squareville’.

Hopefully their relationship will not go sour. Again.


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