VIDEO: Timaya – Hallelujah (WIN 500K & A Collaboration With Him)


Timaya bringing out this song on his birthday the 15th of august which is on Saturday and he wants to do something different. If u can do a 15 seconds video of u singing the hallelujah song with an amazing voice, then u stand a chance of winning 500 thousand naira and a collaboration with him. Just tag @timayatimaya

Download Video Below.



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  1. Selma says

    I hate it too. I’m gona restrict pple from pntisog on my wall a few days to my birthday. What i also hate is when a person restricts pple from pntisog on his/her wall and people just go to the person’s last post and type the birthday greeting there. Then you’ll see stuff like “Toinlicious: I so hate my job right now” and in the comment section, you’ll see about a hundred “happy birthday/HBD”Like, are u kidding me? send a freaking message! mshew

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