VIDEO: Lil Dicky ft. Brain – Pillow Talking

The man also known as “The Time Traveler’s Wife” comes through with “Pillow Talking,” an elaborate tale about a one- night-stand turned existential debate.

Over the course of the ten minute video, Dicky and his lady friend argue about ethics, religion, and the military prowess of an alien race, showcasing a solid range of acting chops in the process. V

Much of the budget clearly went toward CGI, with Dicky’s brain entering the discourse, a full on alien war, and a dinosaur-heavy glimpse into prehistoric life. Not to mention, a Godly appearance from John C. Reily.

Dicky continues to drop innovative music videos, proving he’s a fan of going to extreme lengths. His last clip, “Save Dat Money,” was notoriously completed on a budget of zero dollars. “Pillow Talking,” the 49th most expensive video of all time, featured a budget of $700,000.



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